Friday, June 17, 2011

[PICS] Fanpage Facebook SMTOWN Mengupload Selca Tiffany !!

Staff SM mengupload foto SNSD Tiffany di official fanpage SMTWON !!
Setelah selca Sooyoung, staff SM kembali mengupload foto selca member SNSD..Tiffany ^^

Dengan tulisan :
"[Remaining Story in Paris] TIFFANY! TIFFANY! TIFFANY! She's super lovely even without makeup~!!! TIFFANY sent us this photo to express how she loves fans all around the world~!!! Thank you, TIFFANY! Also, she looks so smart with the glasses~! [from FACEBOOK SMTOWN Staff]"

Dan ini :
"[Remaining Story in Paris] TIFFANY! We finally realized that... Paris is TIFFANY's city~!!! This photo is an art!!! What do you fans think~? [from FACEBOOK SMTOWN Staff]"

Woww..gorgeous !!^^

Credits & Translation by Qisthi
Source : dkpopnews

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